unlucky number thirteen & triskaidekophobia | | i love WEREWOLVES
Should you as a werewolf, human, or vampire fear the number thirteen? Well, in many cultures, regardless of race or species, the number thirteen is considered unlucky - and has been considered unlucky since ancient mesopotamia - superstitions about this number are found in Greek and Roman texts, in early Nordic traditions, and in present day cultures. Part of the unluckiness of the number thirteen is because of its religious significance - one good example is that the 3th psalm concerns wickedness, another is that there were 13 people present at the last supper. Another concern with the number thirteen is that it is a prime number (only divisible by the number 1)- which is in and of itself significant. Because of this belief which seems to know no bounds, many hotels, hospitals, and other buildings do not even have a thirteenth floor! And yet these same people - who believe in the power of this number - refuse to believe in something like werewolves?! It is very interesting. The