Types of Werewolf Transformations | | i love WEREWOLVES
In truth, there is more than just what you see in movies regarding werewolf transformations. In fact, there are a few different categories that exist when talking about transformations....most common among them are the M-Shift and the P-Shift. When discussing these types of shifts, it should be noted that it is not just werewolves that this encompasses, but in fact, they also apply to therians as a group...meaning that, for some therians that are not werewolves, the shifted state is not that of a wolf, but perhaps that of another animal. What is an M-Shift? The M-Shift, or mental-shift is a transformation that happens mentally. In other words, it is not a physical transformation of the body into a wolf, but rather an altered state of mind where the person has transformed mentally, and now thinks and acts and feels like a werewolf / wolf, even having enhanced senses in many cases. M-shifts can be both voluntary and involuntary. Although everyone has their own method to accomplish an