TV Show about werewolves called Howl | | i love WEREWOLVES
Another TV show about werewolves is in the works! And, unlike Vampire Diaries, or Being Human, this TV show is supposed to really focus on werewolves! The TV show is going to be called "Howl". It's currently in development between FOX and Dreamworks, and is supposed to be about werewolves at war in Alaska. Sounds like it's going to be interesting. But one thing that I'm wondering is doesn't it seem like a disproportionate number of TV shows and movies about odd things are set in Alaska? Remember the movie 30 Days of Night? About Vampires. Set in Alaska. The fairly new horror movie The Fourth Kind - also set in Alaska. It's interesting. I'm wondering if humans just don't realize there are werewolves EVERYWHERE!?? In all places like California, New York, and Florida?!? (And even other countries too!) But anyway, Howl does sound like it's going to be good!