Total Solar Eclipse – Interactive Map and last sightings! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Solar eclipse expected August 21, 2017! Don't miss today's solar eclipse! Partial solar eclipses happen regularly, but the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE is for some a once in a lifetime event! Today is a TOTAL solar eclipse! A total solar eclipse is when the moon goes between the sun and the Earth and blocks the sun for up to three hours! Remember, do not look directly at the eclipse!! Doing so could damage your eyes permanently! You need special viewing glasses to look at it. So, do NOT look up without eye protection. Not convinced how rare it is? In the last hundred years, there have been barely over a dozen instances where you would have seen the total solar eclipse in the United States...and even at that, you would have had to be at the right place at the right time! TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSES IN U.S. IN LAST HUNDRED YEARS July 11, 1991 (only in Hawaii) July 22, 1990 (one of the Aleutian Islands) February 26, 1979 (only states that could see were WA, OR, ID, MT, and ND) July 10, 1972 (Northern