Total number of werewolves that exist | | i love WEREWOLVES
It has always been difficult to get an exact idea of the total number of werewolves that exist. Werewolves do not want to be identified for a variety of (very legitimate) reasons. What is known however is that the actual number of werewolves in the world is very small in relation to the entire human population for reasons explained here. But for those who persist with the question, and want to know how many werewolves there are in the world, the exact number has always been elusive, and they have been forced to make their own estimates about the population size - and usually that size estimate is zero! We have however been counting the world population of werewolves, of today, January 18, 2015 the total number of werewolves that exist in the world stands at: 1,708 werewolves This total number is so small in compared to the total number of humans on the planet, that it registers as less than .002 percent of the total world population (which stands at 7 billion). When faced