things every werewolf knows, but sometimes need to be reminded of | | i love WEREWOLVES
Here are 3 things to remember this morning: 1. Polluted city air can cloud even the most well-adapted werewolf's mind. If you're feeling a little clouded, find a way to get out of the city for a bit and enjoy some time outside away from the urban life. Yes, werewolves can and do live in the city - but each one -whether consciously or not - sometimes needs the clarity that fresh air can bring... 2. Not every werewolf is the same. If you're trying - and haven't been able to - howl, shift, or patient. Especially with newer werewolves, timelines can be generalized and averaged but they are not a hard and fast rule - remember, they are also unpredictable, and there are many werewolves that fall outside of the "typical" timeline on when things will happen.... 3. If you didn't get out and see last night's full moon (and it was a Blue Moon). Get out tonight!! Although it's not completely full, it's power is still strong and will help refresh.