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The influence that music can have on your life is unmistakable. It can be used to effect your mood, to influence your decisions in life, and as a means for sharing emotions and feelings. One of ILW's friends, Howard Leon aka The Wolf creates the kind of music that does all of this. His music is a blend of styles including New Age, Progressive Metal, Native American, and Middle Eastern creating sounds that are relaxing, inspirational, and uplifting all in one. "Too express yourself thru music you must pour your heart and soul into every second of a song". ~Howard Leon (The Way of the Wolf) A remarkable thing about his music is that he does it all himself. He plays one instrument at a time, pouring his influence and emotions into each instrument that in the end creates a journey not only for the creator but for the listener as well. Music can take you back in time, inspire you for the future and help you meditate. Howard Leon's music seeks to do all of this for the listener and more. His