The Vampire Lady | | i love WEREWOLVES
Ah, yes, the vampire lady. I can vouch for what Werewolf967 is talking about. The vampire lady is in fact real - and I believe her to be a true vampire! I've listed some of her main characteristics below as I've seen them. Werewolf967 goes over more things she does as well. Now at first, I didn't want to believe that she was a vampire. But then I started to think about it. If a vampire lived next door to you, how would they behave, how would they act? What would they look like? And as I started to answer the questions, I found that each answer perfectly described the Vampire Lady. Characteristics of the Vampire Lady only comes out at night - most notably at 3am (there's one other person that lives in the house and he comes out in the daytime - is he her servant? and actually, nothing, nothing at all happens in or around the house during the daytime, but at night, she's doing normal stuff - mowing the yard, pulling weeds, taking out the trash, sitting on her porch) dry,