The Mothman | | i love WEREWOLVES
I just found this really weird aritcle. This is a TRUE story, observed by a number of first-hand eye-witnesses. I'd just like to point out, if this can be true (a weird moth-man), then those skeptics who do not believe in werewolves may need to reevaluate.... Apparently in 1966 there was a creature that was spotted by people living in West Virginia. The creature was a greyish brown man-shaped being that had huge wings like a moth, and huge red glowing eyes. The couple that supposedly first saw him found him accidentally as they were driving by a factory. The creature chased them for quite a while. The next day there was another sighting by a family that lived in the same area. Over the next few days there were a number of other sightings by many different people. The creature was not caught, and was called "The Mothman" by an Ohio newspaper because of his appearance. There are a number of explanations for the creature, but noone really knows the truth - reasons include UFOs, or