The carnivorous turkeyfish! | | i love WEREWOLVES
The turkeyfish is a nocturnal hunter the werewolf can relate to... No, not because his name reminds one of nice juicy, plump turkeys..(which it does, especially the day after thanksgiving..), :-) but because he has some interesting characteristics.....he's an unusual fish that stays hidden in underwater caves during the day, and hunts only at night, ambushing their prey with great skill! The turkeyfish (or sometimes called lionfish, devil fish, zebrafish, poison scorpion, and butterfly cod) is a slow-moving carnivorous fish whose fins are long and ornate and resemble turkey plumage. Even though they are slow-moving, lazy-looking fish, they are considered one of the top predators in their environment, and have very few natural enemies. The thing that makes them so fearsome is that they have thirteen spikes on their back which are poisonous and serve as protection from predators. The poisonous spikes are also used when competing males fight against one another. The venom from these