terrifying transformations | | i love WEREWOLVES
A transformation is a very personal process that happens differently for every werewolf. It is important to understand that not all werewolves undergo a physical transformation. For those that do, the process is never the same from one werewolf to the next. It can be scary, painful, enlightening, powerful...or even none of these...or sometimes even all of these things. Most of the physical transformations that you think of are the ones portrayed by movies and TV, and nearly all of them are terrifying in some or every aspect. They depict skin stretching, bones lengthening, faces popping, eyes bulging, and teeth growing. They are often gruesome, gory, and scary. And while a werewolf facing a physical transformation certainly would not want to watch these representations of the process as they are likely to scare him or her, humans cannot help but be entranced by the process. And because of this, each filmmaker tries to outdo the last. Are these accurate depictions of a