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Werewolves are not barbarians. But that's not what the thesaurus says! If you search through the online thesaurus, you might be surprised to discover that it has all kinds of interesting synonyms for the word werewolf. But I guarantee you that there are some on this list that not only are not interchangeable with the word "werewolf" but also that you should definitely not be calling a werewolf - unless you want to get on the werewolf's bad side that is. ;-) Thankfully, more official thesauruses (like Merriam-Webster) do not have any synonyms listed for the word werewolf. Synonyms for the word "werewolf" (according to the Thesaurus): abnormality - If you call a werewolf an abnormality, be sure you have your best pair of running shoes on! barbarian - Only uninformed humans would call a werewolf a barbarian. beast - Sometimes this term is used by humans to describe werewolves, in particular in movies and novels, as werewolves are often said to be humans who have a "beast" inside.