Super werewolves can save the world! (Catastrophic events) | | i love WEREWOLVES
Under what circumstances could the werewolf come to the aid of humanity and save the world from destruction? Could the werewolf fight off aliens and assist the Governments of the world in ridding earth of those aliens if an alien infestation were to become reality? What if an asteroid hit earth, would the werewolf be of any assistance for our planet? Enter the Super Werewolf! If an asteriod hits earth: An asteroid hitting the earth would be very difficult for humanity to recover from and even more difficult without the assistance of the werewolf. The werewolves of the world could unite and act as guardians of the innocent while the looters take to the streets and people turn on each other because of their natural survival instincts. Though the werewolf has survival instincts too in this scenario the werewolf would not need to activate any instincts that have not already been used before the asteroid touched earth. The werewolf would merely help those in need and protect those who