Strangest wolf ever – the Maned Wolf! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Actually, despite it's name, the maned wolf is not actually a wolf - it has its own genus - Chrysocyon....and it probably should be in a class of its own, as it is one of the oddest looking animals you'll ever see - in fact, it's so strange looking, you'll think it's been photoshopped! The maned wolf is weird looking animal that appears to have the head of a red fox and the body of a deer. But it is neither fox nor deer, neither wolf nor dog. It is a unique creature unlike any you'll ever see. So unique, that the maned wolf does not fair well in Brazil, as some ruthless Brazilians hunt the creature for its eyes which are considered to be good luck charms. This "wolf" is a solitary, nocturnal hunter, typically looking for its prey (which consists of small animals) between sunset and midnight. They also are very smelly animals - they mark their territory with an odor so distinct they're sometimes called the "skunk wolf" The maned wolf also goes by other names depending on what part of