Show Me the Moon! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Humans walk around most days hardly aware of their surroundings. They walk zombie-like through their days, zoned out to what's going on around them. Many don't have a connection to others, much less themselves. And how many notice what's going on outside? The clues that nature gives them about something as simple as how the day will turn out? If they miss things as blatant as that, how can they be surprised that they miss more subtle clues about creatures that exist in the world around them. They ignore things they cannot believe in, mostly because of closed-mindedness, but also in some part because they are not paying attention. And in doing so, they miss the oddities that exist that point to things they thought were impossible. But werecreatures are different. They have an emotional connection with their pack and with nature. They are tuned in to their surroundings. They are aware of things going on, and in so doing, have an open mind to new things that are presented to them.