Shape Shifting Seals: The Selkie | | i love WEREWOLVES
An unusual were-animal, the Selkie (or sometimes spelled Selchie, or Silkie), is a seal that can shapeshift into the form of a human. Selkies are said to be found in the Shetland or Orkney Islands in Scotland. The theories of how selkies came into existence are still in debate. One theory says that the transformations of the selkie occur because they are humans that have been cursed for doing something terrible, and are thus doomed to spend their lives as seals (interestingly, this is similar to a few of the older outdated werewolf folklore which cite werewolves as "cursed" in their existence). Another theory of selkie existence says that they are actually the souls of humans who have drowned. Another interesting similarity between the selkie and werewolves is in the fact that supposedly - according to legend - the timing of the physical transformations cannot happen whenever the creature would like. Many legends say that the selkie transform only at certain time periods - many