Serbian Villagers warned of ancient vampire | | i love WEREWOLVES
Villagers in the town of Zaroje in Serbia have been alerted by a public health warning to the threat of an ancient vampire roaming their village and have been advised to stock up on garlic and wooden crosses - traditional vampire warding tools. The vampire that has supposedly returned is Sava Savanovic. Sava Savanovic is one of Serbia's first vampires; he is a couple of hundred years old vampire that lived in an old watermill in the village. Over the years, the watermill had been left alone by the owners of the property for fear of disturbing the vampire. Finally last week, the ancient watermill which the vampire had called home collapsed. Rumors quickly spread that the vampire is homeless, and thus the public health warning was issued. While no locals have actually seen Savanovic as of yet, many have reported strange sounds and nightmares. A string of odd deaths, including a hanging, are also being a attributed to the vampire's return. (read about another ancient Serbian vampire)