Rare Werewolf Trance | | i love WEREWOLVES
Little information can be found about the consequences of looking an evil werewolf in the eyes for a long period of time. It's usually not the eyes of a good werewolf, but the eyes of an evil one that can send you into a trance, a zombie-like state of mind, its very rare. Why don't people know of these consequences? Well, It is because few who have looked an evilwerewolf in the eye have survived to record it and tell us about it. It is said that by staring an evil werewolf in the eyes for a long time allows the werewolf to grab ahold of your soul giving him the ability to control it and thus you! Your unconscious body and mind will know nothing about the experience, when you wake up (if you wake up) you will likely not even remember it happened. When the werewolf seizes control of your soul he can guide you and your body to do any task he needs carried out, usually tasks that a "servant" would carry out for his master. You would no doubt become the servant of your master werewolf and