Next time you are in a graveyard, BEWARE the fairy-wolf shapeshifters from Normandy called Lubins! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Next time you're in a graveyard, you should know there is more there to fear than the undead...there might just be a very different kind of werewolf hiding among the tombstones - fairies that shape-shift into wolves! In Normandy, the aforementioned werewolf creature is called a "Lubin" (or someimtes lupin). The lubin is, depending on what literature you read, either a type of goblin or a type of fairie that can transform into a wolf! Your greatest chance for sighting lubins would be in a church graveyard where it is believed that they gather in wolf form, dig up the dead and devour the remains. They typically have a leader, who can be identified as being larger than the rest, with some stories noting he/she is black-skinned. Unlike traditional werewolves, lubins do not have a reputation for being vicious or fearsome, instead they are said to be very very shy, and often disappear whenever they hear or sense a human is near. Although their shyness typically means that you are unlikely to