Names for Santa Claus around the world | | i love WEREWOLVES
Every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24 & 25) Santa travels around the world bringing good will, merriment, cheer, love, and presents to millions of people all across the globe. Depending on where you live however, he does not always go by the same name...different countries call him different things - he's known as everything from Père Noël to Julemanden to Sinter Klaas depending on where he is. Irregardless of his name however, he can be recognized on site - he'll be the jolly man with the long white beard, wearing a red jacket and pants with white fur-lined trim, and possibly carrying a large red bag. So how do you greet Jolly Old Saint Nick if you're celebrating Christmas in a different country? Here is a list of different names Santa is called all across the world! Country Name for Santa Afghanistan Baba Chaghaloo Albania Babagjyshi i Krishtlindjeve (Grandfather Christmas) / Babadimri (Grandfather Winter) Argentina Papa Noel Armenia Gaghant Baba