Monks issue St Hubert's Key that can provide protection against werewolves! | | i love WEREWOLVES
In times of trouble or for protection from werewolves, you can call upon St Hubert for protection! Saint Hubert was, and is, the patron saint of werewolves!! What is a Patron Saint? Patron saints are saints who are considered "special guardians" or "protectors" of a type or group of people. They were once regular people much like you or me who led exceptionally heroic or virtuous lives, had two "miracles" attributed to them, and were thus formally canonized (declared a saint after death) by the church. Many people pray to or petition a particular patron saint for help or protection in the areas of their "guardianship" - it is believed that the saint will or can intercede (with God) on the behalf of the petitioner. Patron saints exist for many different occupations, professions, and needs - for example, one of the most popular is Saint Patrick - patron saint of Ireland. Other very popular patron saints you may have heard of include St Christopher, patron saint of travelers, St