Man eating trees | | i love WEREWOLVES
It's like a tale out of a horror movie - a man-eating tree living in the deepest, darkest part of the jungle grabs its prey and eats it. Locals, in fear of their lives and in fear of the horrific monster plant bring sacrificial victims to it. But are these stories fiction or fact? The Madagascar Tree wraps it's arms around humans and eats them! There are indeed tales of man-eating trees, and specifically tales of such plants in the country of Madagascar go back 130 years. One infamous tree, sometimes referred to as the "Madagascar Tree" was first reported by a German explorer named Carol Liche in 1881. He claimed that the Mkodo tribe of Madagascar performed sacrifices to a meat-loving tree, and that the tree had serpent-like arms with which it reached out and grabbed its prey. Rumors of this tree and it's horrors spread quickly. Other authors spread the word as well - most notably, an American politician and former governor of Michigan named Chase Osborn wrote a book talking