lobishomen – vampire or werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
The lobishomen is a legendary undead vampire-like creature of Brazil. Also known in other areas of South America, the lobishomen is not a vampire by normal hollywood standards - in fact, it is something that is hard to even imagine! It is a small (about 2 inch tall) creature that looks like an old bald monkey with gigantic feet. Men and boys have no reason to fear this vampire, because the lobishomen only attacks women, drinking their blood as any typical vampire does. They do not however drain all the blood from a victim, rather just drinking enough to survive! One of the most interesting things about this creature is on way that the myths say you can turn into one - the Brazilian legends say that when a werewolf dies, he or she becomes a lobishomen! Another interesting thing is that lobishomen in Portugal actually was used to refer to werewolves (not vampires)! It was said that the Portuguese lobishomen were human during the day, and at night shapeshifted.