Lady Gaga will marry a werewolf | | i love WEREWOLVES
It must have been that Meat Dress that Lady Gaga paraded around in in 2010 to the Video Music Awards...either she was purposely trying to attract a werewolf, or it was just a lucky side effect of wearing a dress made entirely or raw beef... either way you look at it, at least one werewolf came calling when she turned herself into a slaughterhouse! The werewolf in question that smelled Lady Gaga and just couldn't let her go is now engaged to her and they are due to get married! The meat-loving werewolf in question that will marry Lady Gaga is actor Taylor Kinney. Unfortunately, Kinney is not a real werewolf (that we know of). Kinney is an American actor and model that played werewolf Mason Lockwood on the TV show The Vampire Diaries. His character was killed off in one of the episodes, but eventually returned in Season 3 as a ghost. So whatever happened to Gaga's meat dress that led to the engagement? It was frozen to help prevent it from decomposing. A taxidermist was then called