Is the Christmas Goblin a Werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
If you first hear the story of the legend of the Christmas Goblin, you probably will think it an interesting story, but would never think twice about it being related to werewolves. Interestingly though, there are some that believe that there is a true link between the two, and that possibly the history of the modern day werewolf and the Christmas Goblin are intertwined... Kallikantzaroi The Christmas Goblin - or Kallikantzaroi - is a creature from Greek folklore and legend. As legend holds, the goblin is a creature that lives underground. His mission in life is to chop down the "World Tree" which is the Earth's foundation. If he is able to chop down the tree, then the Earth will collapse, and his mission is accomplished. He spends all year chopping away, attempting to complete his mission. The goblin never quite finishes his mission however, because he abandons his post every year. What happens is from Christmas day through January 6 the goblin is allowed to come to the Earth's