Is Dracula a werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
For those who are not overly familiar with dracula, one of the most interesting pieces of information about him is that dracula is a shapeshifter. Specifically, dracula can shapeshift into a wolf! Of course, he is known to shapeshift into other things as well - specifically a bat, a large dog, fog, and mist. For our purposes however, the fact that he can shapeshift into a wolf is particularly interesting. Since werewolves have also been known to be able to shapeshift into wolves, does that make dracula a werewolf!? Traditionally, the role of shapeshifter has pretty much exclusively been associated with werewolves, not necessarily vampires. Modern day vampires, specifically, have dissociated from the shapeshifter identity. Historically however, shapeshifting was indeed a part of a vampire's skillset - numerous legends, myths and stories make mention of it. So, to the question on if shapeshifting makes dracula a werewolf, the answer is pretty straightforward: No. Just because