Infected human in Prometheus movie resembles werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
Yes, the movie Prometheus - which is about aliens- has a person that gets infected, and then mutates into something vaguely resembling a werewolf!! At least that's what I thought when I watched the movie! Where in the movie do I find the "werewolf" look-alike? About half-way through the movie! Setup: The crew members land on an alien planet, and one of the crew members gets infected by an alien lifeform and is left for dead. Then: The survivors make their way to the spaceship, and the attack begins! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the crew member that was infected by an alien, makes an appearance and jumps into the screen to attack! The guick glimpse that the camera offers gives you an image of what appears to be hair growth on the chin and someone that almost has a wolf-man appearance, he also has a very werewolf-like pounce. So did they try to put werewolves in Prometheus? In reality, the alien infected person is not meant to be a "werewolf", but in the few seconds you get,