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The Wulver - not wolverine, WULVER - is a type of Scottish werewolf. The Wulver is a bit different from traditional werewolves in that it is believed that the Wulver was never at any point an actual man, but rather a creature that evolved from wolves to resemble a wolf-man creature. The Wulver is said to have a human's body with a wolf's head, he had a mouth full of sharp fangs, and was covered in fur. Although the wulver looked terrifying, it is said to be a gentle creatures and it was said it would sometimes guide lost travelers through the area. In fact, one particular werewolf enjoyed fishing, and would spend his time sitting on a rock fishing the time away. But this brings up a question.... this particular werewolf was not hostile, and it was also never a man. Are those two things connected? Does the "man" part of the werewolf bring the aggression / hostility / anger out in a creature? Or are these two things not related at all and it is just the individual personality of