if you do not believe in werewolves | | i love WEREWOLVES
People that do not believe in werewolves are always so vocal and so against werewolves existing, but are they ever able to show any type of real physical proof that they do not exist? If you can't show proof that they do not exist, then how can you say anything against people that think that werewolves do exist?? This is the whole dilemma with the werewolf debate. The people that think werewolves do not exist are very firm in their opinions. They are very vocal. They even mock those that believe that werewolves do exist. But challenge them to come up with some kind - any kind - of proof that they do not exist and there is nothing! But the people that do believe in werewolves have on their side - and can reference - sightings, legends, and stories. While the non-believers say this is not enough, it is still more than the non-believers can produce. But would any kind of evidence ever really truly be enough? Could a werewolf be standing right in front of a someone that did not