If a werewolf is chasing you | | i love WEREWOLVES
You have 3 choices if you find you are being chased by a werewolf. 1. Run. If you run from a werewolf of course the werewolf will chase you. There is no way for a human to outrun a werewolf. Werewolves have incredible speed and power and would easily overwhelm you. Running is not a good option. 2. Do not run, stay and fight back. Of course, this option requires extreme courage because werewolves are fearsome creatures, and chances are the werewolf is not chasing you to be friends with you. If you do stay and fight be sure that you have something made of silver. Wolfsbane is also a good werewolf repellant. Be careful if you choose this option though. Once you start fighting with a werewolf he will get very angry and you are likely to have a real battle. 2. Hide. This is probably the best option. If a werewolf is chasing you and you manage to get a little ahead of him (or her), a good bet is to hide. Werewolves have excellent night vision, but if you find a well-hidden