How Werewolves Move | | i love WEREWOLVES
Despite their weight, and size, werewolves are not the clumsy awkward creatures that humans might expect, but are surprisingly graceful. They are swift, steady, and sure in how they move, and often act with extreme speed. How werewolves move - unlike any other human or animal, is one of the first things that often gives the tip-off to humans, even from a distance, that the shadowy figure that they're seeing is not quite human, nor quite animal. The best way to describe a werewolf's movement is to describe it as a combined mix between the perfected moves of a cat and the steady sure movements of a wolf ....although this description still falls short of actuality, it gives you a sense of the way in which werewolves move. The movements are often with great speed, and extremely precise. Method of movement is one manner in which vampires and werewolves may be slightly similar, as vampires too are often described as being eerily graceful and superhumanly quick. (Are werewolves