How we do FREE GIVEAWAYS! Where to look! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Some of you know that we try to do FREE GIVEAWAY'S at least once a month. In the past month we have done at least four giveaways of items such as FREE Tshirts and FREE books!! However, alot of people might not know exactly where to look for these freebies. So I wanted to give everyone a heads up on where to look for these things on Where to look for the free stuff on! 1.Look at the title of the post. Normally we do not put "FREE GIVEAWAY" in the title of a post, normally, we do this for a couple of reasons. But from time to time we do indicate in the title that we will be having some sort if drawing for a FREEBIE. 2. Read the post. If we do not put those words ("FREE") in the title it does not mean that we are not giving something away for FREE! To find the free stuff you should read the post and often times at the very end of the post in red lettering there will be instructions on how to get something for free. That is how you can get more