how to tell the difference between good and evil | | i love WEREWOLVES
How do you tell the difference between an evil werewolf and a "good" one is tricky because some werewolves can be quite sneaky. Some werewolves can trick you into making you think they are nice werewolves only to find out they are actually the evil ones. Usually good werwolves do not make you think they are evil ones, good werewolves are not as misleading. A general Test: So how can you detect an evil werewolf from a "good" one? Well the very first thing to do is to look at their reputation, look at their track record. Who are they friends with? How many people know they are actually a werewolf and what do those people think about him? If you have some information like this you could easily ask around to find out if the werewolf isgood or evil; this will help determine if the werewolf has deceived others in the past or not. While doing this research look for his or her behavioral patterns. Does he/she hang out with a pack that is known for evil acts? Not all werewolf packs are good