How to make Wearable Origami Vampire Fangs | | i love WEREWOLVES
Here are two sets of instructions - one tells you how to make wearable origami vampire fangs, the other is a step-by-step on making origami vampire fangs in general (that are not wearable). VERSION#1....HOW TO MAKE NON-WEARABLE FANGS.... The non-wearable fangs are pretty neat, and can be great to use as a halloween party decoration, or as a placecard holder on your table, or just to have on your desk! Just grab a sheet of one-sided red paper and follow along with these instructions... VERSION#2..HOW TO MAKE NON-WEARABLE FANGS... This version of fangs you can press on the side and make the "mouth" open and close! Directions are similar to the origami fangs above! Follow the directions in the video below... VERSION#3. HOW TO MAKE WEARABLE FANGS The wearable fangs are pretty neat too - if you have a sheet of paper you can make them pretty easily (follow along with the video as there are quite a few steps). Make these fangs if: PROS: If you want a quick set of fangs and don't