how to make fangs | | i love WEREWOLVES
Whether you're going to be a werewolf or a vampire, you're going to need fangs! Most people go out to a halloween costume store and buy their fangs - you can find them near the makeup in little boxes and pouches, and often can choose between different styles, colors, and types. You will find some labeled "werewolf fangs" and others labeled "vampires fangs", and while it is fun to get the kind for the type of person you are going to be, if only one or the other is available, the fangs are similar enough that they can be used interchangeably. But sometimes either the costume store is sold out, or you don't have time to go out to one, or possibly you simply don't have enough money! What then? Well, luckily you can in fact make fangs at home with things you probably have stuck in a drawer somewhere. Here are some methods that people on the interwebs have found to make good looking fangs that can be used on both the werewolf an vampire... DIY FANGS How to make vampire fangs out of straws!