How long can a Vampire survive without blood | | i love WEREWOLVES
Survival of the fittest, or oldest? The question is how long can a Vampire survive without blood? It varies from vampire to vampire. Generally older vampires can go longer periods of time not having to feed on blood; if we look at younger vamps they must "feed" more often than the elders. Why? Older Vamps are conditioned to longer periods of dehydration until they get their normal food supply, this conditioning comes with age. A younger vampire generally lives day to day trying to quench the thirst that a newly turned vamp has acquired. If they do not get this supply of blood in most circumstances they will be immobilized from the lack of the essential food. Lets say for example you were able to catch a vampire. You took that vampire and put him/her in a area where they could essentially be starved - How long would it take to starve a Vamp? Results vary depending on if the vampire is young or old, and by young I am referring to the amount of time he/she has been a vampire. The older