Homemade Halloween Werewolf Costume Ideas | | i love WEREWOLVES
If you're interested in making your own homemade werewolf halloween costume, there are plenty of ideas out there that will have you instantly recognized as a werewolf and do not cost alot of money to make. Some are more obscure than others, and all give you a chance to use your creativity. And the best part - most of the costumes can be made with things hanging around your house! Here are some ideas to get you started.... 1. Teen Wolf Halloween Costume This halloween costume is very easy to make. What you need: 1. A yellow basketball jersey. 2. Iron on computer transfer paper to make words. 3. Fur 4. Basketball socks and sneakers. 5. A basketball 5. Yellow headband 6. Skin colored leggings and shirt (optional). 7. Brown colored makeup for your face. Step 1: Use the iron-on computer transfer paper to make words and letters to stick on your jersey top. The jersey should say "Beavers" and the number "42" on the front, and "Howard" and the number "42" on the back. The words and letters