Headed to the Philippines? If the werewolves don't get you the Romblon Triangle might! | | i love WEREWOLVES
If you're planning to celebrate the end of summer with a trip to someplace sunny and warm in the Pacific may want to think twice before making that vacation destination the Philippines!! Odd occurrences, unexplained sightings, and mysterious happenings are leading some to go so far as to say that werewolves have taken over one of the Philippine Islands! It should be noted that the problem seems to be isolated to only one of the over 7,641 islands that the Philippines is comprised of, so if you plan your visit carefully, you may be able to avoid any potential werewolf confrontations. The specific island in question: Sibale Island. Sibale Island is located in the Romblon province, and is home to only 4,500 people of the total 100 million people that inhabit the Philippines. In 2014 the mayor of the island claimed that from 2012 - 2014 hundreds of the island's goats were being killed every month during the darkest hours of the night right before the full moon. Because the