Happy New Year 2013!! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Happy New Year Everyone!!! It's day one of a fresh clean year! :-) A chance to leave any and all havoc, craziness, and trauma behind. And sometimes...often...these things have a way of following many of us around. ;-) For werewolves, who have both light and dark inside of them, it can be hard to focus on which way the new year will go. But remember, werewolves can control the part that wins. In 2013, focus on letting the light shine through. Focus on the good inside. Let the fullness of your life inspire you. Seek out adventure, full moons, and knowledge. Werewolves can often be afraid of their differences. Sometimes overwhelmed by what they are. And other times confused with how to handle things. But remember, every day is a chance to learn more about yourself. To learn more of your capabilities. To push the boundaries of your limits so that you are better than you were the day before. So that you know more than the day before. So that you are stronger than the day