Handmade affordable Halloween wolf masks | | i love WEREWOLVES
If you are still searching for a unique, good looking, and affordable Halloween costume one great place to look is on Etsy. Etsy is an online eCommerce site where you can find online shops with products homemade by a artists. These are great times to buy products that are made in the USA (or your own home country) from artists who put hard work into making handmade products. You will find that many of the products on the site are one of a kind and some are even "made to order" and will be customized to your fit! This is just one of the benefits of getting a product direct from an artist! Here are a couple of options for homemade affordable wolf masks: 1. This is an awesome, simple, yet effective wolf mask made out of felt. It can easily be matched with some clothing straight from your closet! Try a brown shirt, brown pants, black knit gloves, a tail, and you have yourself the perfect wolf for trick-or-treating. Great costume for the kids! $20 2. This mask is an elegant machine