hairy palms on a werewolf | | i love WEREWOLVES
Is it true? Do werewolves have hairy palms? Are hairy palms an indicator of a werewolf? Lets conduct a quick test: Take your hand and hold it in front of your face palm towards you. Are your palms hairy? Whether you are a human or a weighted one 99% of anyone answering this will not have hair on their palms. What does this mean? This means that most animals and humans that use either their hands or feet as daily tools for walking, grabbing, holding, working, or any other activity that would require the constant use of these extremities, will most likely not have hair on their palms. Werewolves or weighted ones are no exception to this, werewolves do not have hair on their palms. Some will ask: "If I transform will hair grow on my palms?" No. Hair on the palms of the weighted one is the least of your worries.