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Mysterious giant bats larger than the size of humans are the things that you talk about at night to scare your friends. But are these creatures real? All around the world in different countries and different cultures, there are accounts of giant bats. And as you start to learn about the legends, it becomes evident that many of the descriptions are oddly the same - huge winged creatures that partially resemble humans! Is it a coincidence that there are these legends that are oddly the same or is there really some creature out there that scientist have not yet identified? Can people all throughout time be making the same things up and putting them into legends? Or do the fact that these sightings are so widespread lend some credence to their existence? Are they merely the stuff of legends or are they real? Giant Bat People Legends around the world Here are a few of the legends... Ahool of Indonesia - In the rainforests of the Indonesian Island of Java, there is a mythical giant bat