Faoladh and Ossory – Irish werewolf folklore | | i love WEREWOLVES
In ancient Irish folklore, the werewolf is known as faoladh or conroicht. The faoladh (Irish werewolf) is similar to the werewolf you may be familiar with - it is a man or woman that shapeshifts into a wolf. Unlike North American werewolf legends however, the faoladh is considered a creature of good - in fact it is known as a "protector" and as a "guardian". Some of the most famous Irish werewolf folklore can be traced to ancient writings in the Historia Brittonum and the Topographia Hibernica... Historical Irish Writings that talk of the Werewolves in Ossory Ireland 1. Tales of Irish werewolves were recorded in the Historia Brittonum. The Historia Brittonum is a record of the very earliest times in Britain by a Welsh monk named Nennius who lived in the 9th century. The Irish version of the Historia Brittonum (which is different from the British version) states that "The Descendants of the Wolf are in Ossory". The "werewolves" of Ossory Ireland are shapeshifters that transform into