Fact or Fiction: werewolves hate vampires | | i love WEREWOLVES
As many of you have heard, yes, there is a long standing feud between werewolves and vampires - but not all of them.. and yes! It is possible for them to get along!! In fact, all werewolves do not hate vampires. For the most part, most werewolves feel pretty neutral on the subject until or unless a vampire angers them. Some even recognize vampires as another creature also hated and feared by humans and feel a slight kinship to them. The truth is, it is more vampires that hate werewolves than the reverse. Vampires can't help but see living beings as food, and since werewolves are living beings, they hunger for their blood. Werewolves are however extremely strong and difficult for a vampire to overpower, and because of this, they harbor a deep-seated resentment. Vampires like to be the most powerful creature, and they can't stand knowing that they cant easily overpower the lycanthrope.