Fact or Faked: Hellhound | | i love WEREWOLVES
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Werewolves? Not yet! Fact or Faked is a show on Syfy channel that investigates the paranormal. A recent episode of Fact or Faked titled Predator/Red Sky at Night took the investigative crew on a mission to investigate a large creature in the United Kingdom at Dartmoor National Park, the possible Hellhound. The large creature in Europe that mysteriously eludes human contact was suggested to be a wild boar, a pony, or even a large cat (i.e lion, etc). However, local folklore tells of a different story.... Local folklore suggests that within the lands of where the creature has been spotted there is the myth of the Hellhound. The Hellhound is said to be a "mythological" or "supernatural" dog type creature that is said to participate in activities directly related to death. The duties of the Hellhound include guarding and care taking the entrances to the dead...or hell. The investigation of the Hellhound fell short of coming home with evidence to prove the