Dr Who Werewolves Vampires | | i love WEREWOLVES
We've talked so much about all the new TV shows that feature vampires and werewolves, but there is actually a TV show that has been on quite a while that sometimes features them as well. Dr Who! Dr Who is interesting in that they explore different types of werewolves and vampires. The idea that comes across in their depiction of weres and vamps is interesting - that they aren't necessarily each just a single race, but that there can be different species of each within the races. For those of you not familiar with it, Dr Who is a British Sci Fi TV show. The story center around a man alien named the Doctor and his foe, the Master. The Doctor travels around space and time in a spaceship called the Tardis which looks like a blue police box. The Doctor is considered a "Time Lord". Interestingly, in Time Lord history, one of the biggest wars the Time Lords had was against the Great Vampires. In addition to the Great Vampires, episodes of Dr Who have featured a type of space vampire, sea