Does the werewolf have to hide? | | i love WEREWOLVES
Does the werewolf have to hide from humans or other beings that might be suspect of your "curse"? Well, this is a very tough question to answer because it all depends on who the person you would like to tell (your secret to) is and what their agenda might be. Sometimes it is important to keep your identity a secret. Not only could it prevent unnecessary conflicts but it can also lead to help with the preservation of the werewolf culture. The Werewolf is frequently inclined to talk about his or her curse with others so that they can try to relate to other humans. Not that the werewolf wants to be human but he often feels more in touch with humanity if others know that they are "curesd." Never tells your enemy that you are a werewolf! Doing so could cause some controversy and it could also lead to unnecessary blackmail from your enemies. If your enemy knows you are one with a curse they could use it against you in a number of ways. For one you could be captured just so that they could