Do werewolves have free will to choose to become shapeshifters? | | i love WEREWOLVES
To a human, the question on whether or not werewolves have free will to become a werewolf is (or so they think) pretty obvious. Most humans think that werewolves do not choose to become shapeshifters, but are rather forced into becoming one by a werewolf bite. Hollywood perpetuates this myth, and so, werewolves, by human standards, are considered victims of circumstance. This is not entirely true. Werewolves can generally be broken down into two categories - those that have chosen their path of their own free will, and those who have not, but rather fate has decided for them. By design There are many werewolves that have chosen to become shifters. As information becomes more widespread about what a werewolf is, represents, and can be, more and more seek to become one. They seek to become werewolves for strength, power, and abilities that they can gain. They see becoming a werewolf as a gift. Becoming a werewolf by design is however a challenging road. The legends about the