werewolves age | | i love WEREWOLVES
As time goes on, do werewolves appear to grow old? In other words, do they physically age? I have already discussed how long werewolves live...the question now is since we know they have a longer than normal lifespan, what would a werewolf look like in old age? The answer is that a werewolf will physically age, but it will be at a much much slower pace than a human. Typically, the werewolf will age normally into his /her early twenties, but then, the aging process slows down considerably, and he will maintain that youthful appearance for quite a while. They will be slowly aging physically, but it will take an extended period of time for a human to notice. This is because werewolves have a natural ability to heal faster than humans, and this includes keeping the youthful appearance of skin, muscles, and physique.