demons masquerading as wolves give a bad name to all | | i love WEREWOLVES
Some humans think that werewolves are evil and depict them as demons. Some depictions cite werewolves as an "evil possession" that must be expelled from the body or as a "devil's curse". While at first sight it may appear that humans possess this unjust belief just because they are unwilling to accept anything new (and indeed, there are many humans that are just that narrow-minded), there are others that are influenced by age-old demon-wolf legends and folklore. The great masquerade. As it turns out, when demons (evil spirits) take physical form, they often do so in specific animals. Some animals they never appear as, but others are favored by them - possibly for fear-inducing qualities or other traits that the animal/insect may naturally contain. They also look for creatures that are "nighttime" creatures, or "mysterious" creatures. Some of the animals that are most often chosen by demons when they take physical form include: cockroaches flies bats beetle rats ravens serpents